Removal Policy

View Mugshots is a free service; we never charge fees or accept payment to remove records from our index. Nor do we work with any third-party companies that charge for record removal.

We will only remove a record from our index if one of the following conditions are met:

  1. The resulting case was orders expunged or expunged by a court of law.
  2. The resulting case was dismissed with prejudice.
  3. The statute of limitations has passed & charges were not filed.
  4. The person was found not guilty at trial.
  5. The person successfully completed a deferred sentence & a final finding of guilt was not entered.
  6. The person is deceased.

To request a record be reviewed for removal, use our website contact form and provide the details for the case. When contacting us, please include any proof the conditions were met, such as:

  1. A copy of court records showing the conviction was sealed or expunged.
  2. A Letter from the prosecuting attorney stating that charges will not be filed.
  3. Citation to the law that shows the statue of limitations has passed.
  4. Court documents showing the case was closed without a conviction & charges can no longer be brought.
  5. A death certificate.

This policy is based on the idea that records are no longer newsworthy once the above conditions are satisfied.